Single Cell Epigenomics at the Gene Regulation Observatory

Publications are going under review, which is very exciting! For now (December 2022), I've got some updates on the bioinformatics page with some new single cell tutorials for both RNA and ATAC-seq. 2023 should be an exciting year!

Functional Genomics: Cardiovascular Genetics

In the Ellinor laboratory, I worked on a variety of projects, many of which are now being published! Many of these projects also have results viewable at the Broad Cardiovascular Disease knowledge portal. A selection of publications in which I've been involved include:
There are several currently under review or revision, and more entering the pipeline all the time!

Functional Genomics: Glioblastoma multiforme

In the Iyer lab, I worked on several projects that relate to the genomics of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).
The culmination of my work there was to profile histone PTMs and RNA-seq in several primary GBM lesions. I also did collaborations with cardiologists at St. David's Hospital, and with Dr. Richard Aldrich (with whom I did a 3 year stint as a laboratory technician).